Splash Pools Round Pool Package Reviews – Do Not Buy Before Reading

Splash Pools Round Pool Package Reviews

The person who loves swimming and want to be always fit and slim they always wish that they could build a swimming pool in their house area. But it is quite difficult for a common person as it is costly as well as it requires a lot of maintenance. Now don’t worry we have a solution to your problem. By purchasing the above ground pool according to your need you can enjoy swimming anytime with your friends and family members. Another important factor which is to be considered while purchasing a pool is safety. Is the pool safe for your kids?
So here is the pool which includes all these important features in one package “Splash Round pool Package”. The splash round pool is available in various size. Besides this the pools are durable and long lasting. All the splash pools are durable and long lasting. This is the specialty of the splash pools. Along with this it is very easy to install the pool set up. After its installation it is just as like a normal pool.
Splash pool not only looks good but it is also well designed. It comes with a strongly painted and hot dipped 7 inches galvanized steel ledge which makes it durable and long lasting to use for many years. Filter power is another important feature which makes you fall in love with this pool. Splash round pool package comes with a big sand filter of 1 horse power which makes it unique from other pools available. To help you in the installation of the pool set the manufacture has provided step by step installation video with the pool set package. It will not take more than 2 days for its complete installation. The pool set package also include resin ladder to access the pool with ease along with a safety barrier, 1 HP pump, motor and a Thru-the-Wall skimmer.

Splash Pools Round Pool Package

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1. 18-foot x 52-inch deep round pool
2. 1 horsepower sand filter
3. A-frame resin ladder with safety barrier
4. All-weather 20 gauge vinyl liner
5. Wide mouth thru-the-wall skimmer
6. Additional sizes option
24 x 52
27 x 52
30 x 52


1. Durability
2. More of a permanent solution
3. Low on maintenance
4. Easy to install with the video
5. 15 years warranty of pool
6. Children safe
7. Removable staircase for ease of access
8.Structural foam resin ladder
9.Sand filter
10. Reasonably priced
11. Quality products
12. Long lasting


1. Little difficult to assemble

Bottom line

Some people face difficulty in the installation of the pool. But once it is installed then you don’t to worry about anything else. It is safe, long lasting and easy to maintain. Splash pools round pool package adds value to your backyard. Moreover it is available in various size options. So you can choose it according to your need. The people who have purchased this pool set are 100% satisfied with their investment. The splash above ground is become as the best seller of the permanent above ground pool. Before installation of the pool you must ensure that the ground is properly leveled up. It is very difficult for a single person to install the pool set up. So at least for the installation of the pool set easily you require 3 members. As stated before Splash round pool package is made by using the standard quality material. Leaving its cons it is perfect pool set with so many extra features to give you a 101% comfort and relaxation.

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