Intex Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Reviews

Intex Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool – Because Your Backyard Deserves More

Intex Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Reviews

Intex Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool is one of the best pool as the good and strong quality of material is used for making the pool. To eliminate the need of tools this Intex Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool comes with Rust proof frame which can be easily assembled with the snap on joints. There are so many ground pool set that could not last few years but this Intex Round metal Frame Swimming Pool can last for many years because it is made using metal frames. Besides this it is very easy to assemble and disassemble the swimming pool. In winter season you can disassemble the pool set up and store it in storage or put a cover on the set up. This intex round metal frame swimming pool is a quality pool. You get the more form the price you pay. As it is quality, sturdy pool you don’t have to spend your time in maintaining and patching leaks. So many kids can play in this pool at a time without any tension or stress of any damage. Moreover there is no need to purchase anything additionally as this intex round metal frame swimming pool comes completely ready.

Intex Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool

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1. Easy Set up
2. Best for children, 3-4 adults
3.Quality material
4. Long lasting product
5. The sturdy PVC material can withstand dog claws also
6. Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter resist current and make it current proof
7. Long outdoor quality cord from pump filter
8. The Krystal clear cartridge filter pump offers you to enjoy in clean and refreshing water. This filter pump has the capacity of pump 530 gph (110 – 120v).
9. Easy drain plug that connects to a garden hose for making it easy to drain the water.
10. The dual suction outlet fitting allows improved water circulation resulting in better water. When you are happy about your water filter, you could become even happier with this new feature.


1. Pool structure, including side walls and support beams, is flexible and strong
2. You can winterize this pool without draining it or tearing it down each year
3. Long lasting and easy to set up
4. Krystal clear filter cartridge for purifying water
5. Quality material
6. Drain plug compatible with garden hose
7. Sturdy PVC material can withstand dog claws
8. Shock proof


1. Filter pump lacks the power to keep these large pool very clean unless it is on very frequently
2. Support beams for smaller sizes can be less sturdy and prone to bending if too much weight is rested on them or the pool water level is too unbalanced (ground underneath not leveled)
3. Maintenance is required


This pool set as stated is easy to install and all the reviews says that it is the best pool available in the market. Intex metal frame pool set is perfect for your summer. It is safe because of its metal frame, puncture proof. This pool set comes with many features which make this pool set a best pool set. Along with all this features it is available in reasonable cost. There is no need to go outside to different places for relaxation in summer vacation. In your home backyard you can create a beautiful pool set up and enjoy with your family. As it is easy to assemble it you can enjoy your swim on the same day. With this you can easily disassemble the pool set in off seasons.

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