Intex Oval Frame Pool Set- Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

Reviews of Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

This is one of the famous and popular pool set among all the pools set available. It is designed in such a way that it consumes very less space but still it can accommodate maximum 6 people at a time. Intex Oval Frame Pool Set comes with dual benefits of easy set and rectangular metal frame pools. This pools is perfect for the people those who have a narrow backyard or if they are lap swimmers. For making it long lasting the pool frames model comes with a strong steel rectangular frames, this frames increases the life span of the pool set. Along with this, the frames are rust resistant and it is very easy to assemble with this additional support from the frame. Besides this Intex Oval Frame Pool Set comes a filter pump. By using this filtering pump you can always enjoy your swimming in clean and clear water. It is very important to change the water in the pool to be healthy and fit. This pools set incorporates Hydro Aeration Technology into cartridge filter pump which increases the level of purity of water by improving the circulation and filtration. Besides this the technology is also used to increase the negative ions at the water surface. To make your work easy it comes with an instructional DVD which helps you in assembly of pool set up and its maintenance. Along with this, for providing more comfort it comes with many super exciting offers such as pool ladder, debris cover, ground cloth.
Intex Oval Frame Pool Set comes with a 110-120V filter pump offering a flow area rate of 1,000 gal per hour with a water capacity of 2,885 gallons. Within 30 minutes of delivery you can pump water into your swimming pool and can enjoy your weekend.

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

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1. It is easy to set up.
2. Maintenance support
3. Incorporates Hydro Aeration Technology
4. Offers 110-120V filter pump
5. Water capacity-2,885 gallons
6. Strong Steel Rectangular Frames
7. Durable and long lasting


1. Pool frame is strong
2. Affordable
3. Durable
4. Easy to set up
5. Fresh water
6. Comfortable to use
7. Includes: Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump with 1,000 gal, Ladder, Ground Cloth, Debris Cover and  SUPER-TOUGH laminated PVC sidewalls
8. Convenient drain plug that connects to a garden hose so water can be drained away from pool or house area.


1. Intense sun can damage vinyl pools if they are not shaded
2. Require maintenance.
3. Leakage problem may arise.


In summer you can place this pool in your backyard and can enjoy your summer vacation with your family members. There is no need to go outside to different places for relaxation in summer vacation. In your home backyard you can create a beautiful pool set up for your children to play. As going outside in summer is not good for health. Besides this more people prefer swimming in summer vacation but the water in the pool can affect your skin that result into several skin infection and diseases. But Intex oval Frame Pool set comes with the latest Hydro Aeration Technology which increases the purity level of water. This is one of the best pool set by Intex. Intex is one of the quality brand which offers a variety of choices.

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