Intex Metal Frame Pool Set Reviews

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set – Convert Your Backyard Into Paradise

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set Reviews

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is the amazing pool set which brings the outside pool fun to your home. If you are thinking of purchasing a pool set to relax and enjoy your day with your family than this is the best pool set. Besides this the pool Set is available in different sizes. So you can choose the size of the pool set according to your need. Besides this you don’t need to worry about breaking of the pool during your play as it is supported by the strong metal beams and water is held in by tough laminated PVC. For more comfort and user convenience this intex metal frame pool set comes with a ladder and filter pump. Intex metal frame pool set can last for long as compared to easy pool set. Additionally it is available in reasonable price. It just takes 25-30 minutes for installation. After installation the pool is ready to be filled and you can your summer happily. Water capacity of the pool depends upon its different size. As stated the intex metal frame pool set comes with different size options such as 12’ x 30”, 15’ x 48”, 18’ x 48”, and 24’ x 52”. The smallest pool (12’ x 30”) has a water capacity of 1,718 gallons with each size getting progressively larger from there. The best benefit of the intex pool set is that it is made by using a quality material. So if it is used in a proper way and carefully then it may last for many years. In winter season you can disassemble the pool set or place a cover on the pool set and leave it. For making safe and secure the walls of the pool set is laminated. Along with it the pool set features a puncture proof 3-ply PVC. So many kids can play and enjoy in the pool at a time.

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

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1. It comes with pool ladder
2. Pool set includes filter pump (530 gph capacity)
3. Inbuilt ground fault circuit interrupter helps to prevent electrical shock
4. Easy installation
5. Krystal clear filter cartridge for purifying water
6. Quality material
7. Drain plug compatible with garden hose
8. Dual Section outlet fittings to pump water easily
9. Laminated walls


1. This pool can survive a harsh winter when properly covered
2.Setup is quite simple
3.Perfect for children as young as 3-4 and adults
4.Water capacity is more
5. The sturdy PVC material can withstand dog claws well, making these pools good for use with pets
6. Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter keeps your family safe from electrical shocks in the pool
7. Long outdoor quality cord from pump filter
8. Available in different size option


1.Ground must be well leveled or else the pool frame can become stressed and give problems which       result into some disaster
2. Filter pump lacks the power to keep these large pool very clean unless it is on very frequently
3. Support beams for smaller sizes can be less sturdy and prone to bending if too much weight is rested     on them or the pool water level is too unbalanced (ground underneath not leveled)
4.Maintenance is required


Intex metal frame pool set is perfect for your summer. It is safe because of its metal frame, puncture proof. This pool set comes with many features which make this pool set a best pool set. Along with all this features it is available in reasonable cost. There is no need to go outside to different places for relaxation in summer vacation. In your home backyard you can create a beautiful pool set up and enjoy with your family. It is very easy to install the pool set up and afterward you can disassemble it as season goes off.

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