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Intex Easy Pool Set – Must Read Before You Buy

Reviews of Intex Easy Pool Set

Intex Easy Pool Set is one of the best pool set as it takes only 15-20 minutes for installation of the pool. Besides this to make safe and enjoyable this pool is made with tough laminated PVC sidewalls and bottom lining with an inflatable ring around the top of the pool. Pools which comes with oval or rectangular models are Little bit complicated and takes more time for installation. But this Intex Easy Pool Set is easy to set up. This Intex Easy Pool Set is 15 foot above ground pool. The pool set is large enough to fit the number of kids in this. Besides this the pool set filter 1000 gallon per hour to offer fresh feeling. Along with this it comes with a ladder which allows you to use the pool immediately as soon as you finish with the installation work and filling water in the pool. But as it is round shape pool set no one can Plan a swim laps in it.
Intex Easy pool Set is a lost cost pool set with a quality feature and material. Moreover it is special designed for younger kids and for the people who are having a small backyard. This pool set is very easy to assemble as well as disassemble when the season ends. Proper installation of the pool set is very important otherwise it may lead to some disaster.

Intex Easy Pool Set

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Assembly of Pool Set

As stated before it is easy to install the pool set up but it is very important that you make sure that the ground is completely level prior for setting it up. It is recommended to use the ground cloth on the surface to protect the pool from puncture and unbalancing. If the pool is not balanced properly the water will not be stable. So it is necessary that you should take some precaution while installation. Along with the pool set the instruction DVD is offered to simply your work.


1. 1000 gallon per hour water filter
2. Laminated PVC sidewalls
3. 15-20 minutes to set up
4. Comes with Pump and ladder, ground cloth, fitted pool cover
5. Drain Plug feature
6. Dual suction Outlet fitting feature to keep water clean
7. Sturdy material used can endure dog claws
8. Its water capacity is 1,485 gallons to 5,455 gallons
9. 12ft*30in; 15ft*48in; 18ft*48in; 15ft*36in; 8ft*30in; 15ft*42in available sizes of the pool
10. Set up and Maintenance DVD
11. 6 pack of filter as a bonus


1. Low cost
2. Simple maintenance
3. Seasonal storage can make your pool last for years
4. Washable filter cartridge can last for month
5. Liner is very sturdy
6. Simple and quick to assemble the set up
7. Sturdy material
8. Good for people who have small backyard


1. Location must be completely leveled before installation
2. It is not so sturdy as compared to other expensive fool set
3. It is good for younger kids
4. Swim laps is not possible in this pool set


If you are looking for a low cost pool set which is quick to set up then this is the best choice pool set. You can also take it with you to your trip location. As it is easy to assemble it you can enjoy your swim on the same day. With this you can easily disassemble the pool set in off seasons.

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