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Embassy Pool Set Reviews

Embassy pool set is amazing circular pool set. If you are looking for a pool set which is strong, sturdy alternative for semi permanent installation then Embassy pool set is the best pool set which completely satisfy your need. Whether it is summer or winter month swimming is beneficial as it help you to relax and also helps you to reduce weight. Embassy pool set comes with a creamy tan color which gives this pool a great look. To make this pool strong and flexible the walls of the pools are made of rugged baked enamel steel. Moreover to make it durable and long lasting staggered bolts are used, not only this it also has 9 wrap around top rails and vertical support all around. To give the pool set elegant look the top connector are colored taupe along with the steel bearing walls that is shaped in softly elegant pattern.
As stated Embassy pool set is strong it can hold several people at a time. So it is perfect pool for the family and it is designed so well that it resist from rusting as well as fading of color in summer because of hot sun. Embassy pool set can last for many years its water capacity is about 15,008 gallons. As the pool set is big it does not mean that it takes a long time in filling water, this embassy pool set comes with a I horse power PR omega pump and a 17” sand filter. Not only this, but it also offers you a heavy duty blue pool liner, a skimmer, above ground pool vacuum, the net and brush, cooling pole to keep the pool clean and water fresh.
Embassy pool is very easy to set up and it gives your backyard a fabulous look. This pool set double up your fun time with your family. Besides this the pool set include a 52 inch deluxe platform ladder. These pool set is little expensive but all the features and offers available with this pool set completely satisfy its price.

Embassy Pool Set

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1. 52 inch ladder
2. Resist from rusting
3. Strong and sturdy
4. Sturdy steel top rails and support beams
5. Dimensions: 18’ ft x 52” inches
6. Attractive creamy tan exterior coloring and blue vinyl liner
7. Corrugated pool walls
8. 15,008 gallons water capacity
9. Easy and quick installation


1. Pool structure, including side walls and support beams, is flexible and strong
2. You can winterize this pool without draining it or tearing it down each year
3. Long lasting and easy to set up
4. Water capacity is more
5. Its portability is one of its feature
6. This is ensured by the 35 year warranty
7. Components that are galvanized with copper tend to combat rust easily
8. Comes with supplies that are required to keep the running all through the year
9. Gorgeous looks
10. Strong set of ladder
11. If safety is on your agenda then this is an unbeatable product


1. It does not come with a pool cover


Embassy pool set adds a value to your backyard. This pool set as stated is easy to install and all the reviews says that it is the best pool available in the market. The people who have purchased this pool set is 100% satisfied with their investment. You can enjoy the summer as well as winter month with your family as embassy pool set can last for 35 years if properly maintained. It is not so big pool but you can easily host a pool party and enjoy with friends and family members. The only con of this pool set is that it does not offer a pool cover. So the solution is just that if you need a pool cover then you can buy it separately. Leaving this con it is perfect pool set with so many extra features to give you a 101% comfort and relaxation.

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