Blue Wave Belize Above Ground Pool Reviews

Blue Wave Belize Above Ground Pool -Enjoy the Pool Parties

Blue Wave Belize Above Ground Pool Reviews

If you are thinking of purchasing a pool set to relax and enjoy your day with your family and friends than Blue Wave Belize Above ground pool is the best pool set. There are some many pool set available and it is very difficult to choose the best pool from them. We hope that our review guide helps you. Blue Wave Belize Above ground pool is the perfect pool for your summer parties. It comes with a dimension of 52in * 24ft swimming pool and almost everything that you need to enjoy in the water and make your pool party a rocking pool party. This includes the pump and sand filter system, a liner, an A-frame entry ladder, a wide mouth skimmer, detailed instructions, the steel outer walls, as well as the metal rails and supports. Rusting of pool is the biggest issues with the above ground pools. But you don’t need to worry as Blue Wave Belize Above ground pool comes with a steel wall feature a multi-layer of protection which protect the pool from rusting and corrosion.
Blue Wave Belize Above Ground pool is easy to install. The steel wall around the outer diameter is light weighted so that you can easily install the pool set up. Moreover this pool set last for many years as the metal screws are zinc coated, the outer frame has dipped into minerals which protect them and even the liner is made with double welded seams. That means not only the walls of the pool resist rusting and corrosion but also the metal screws, outer frame and liner. This above ground pool comes with an amazing and standard quality material. This above ground pool set double up the value of your backyard. You just need to add the water in the pool and get ready for the fun time. Adding water to the pool is also very easy and quickly as the blue wave Belize above ground pool comes with a 1 horsepower pump.

Blue Wave Belize Above Ground Pool

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1. Steel-walled, above-ground, swimming-pool kit for fun, safe recreational use
2. Includes liner, pump and sand filter system, A-frame entry ladder, and wide-mouth skimmer
3. Star Galfan galvanization coating gives the pool superb corrosion protection
4. Easy to install: detailed instruction manual included
5. Available in both round and oval shapes and in 48- or 52-inch depths
6. 18ft round, 52in deep above-ground pool
7. Comes with liner and A-frame ladder
8. Skimmer, pump and filter included
9. Protected by the Star Galfin Galvanization Process
10. Easy to install


1. Low maintenance pool
2. It is quite roomy and you can throw that pool party you have been planning for months
3. Made of durable and high quality material
4. Even the screws are highly resilient
5. All this makes it a secured swimming pool
6. Its steel walls are heavy duty
7. The sand filter can make the water crystal clean
8. It has to be added that the filter is weather and corrosion proof
9. Blue line is make of vinyl that is customized to fit into the pool
10. Comes with A frame ladder that is child proof and uses a non skid platform

Bottom line

Installation of the pool set is the most important thing and it should be very easy. So this pool set is very easy to assemble and install. Moreover it is durable and long lasting. As stated it resist corrosion and rusting of walls of the pools. And not but least safety is very important for small kids. This Blue Wave Belize above ground pool is safe for small children and it is best for pool parties. Along with this it comes with the complete package with in reasonable cost.

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